Saturday, 22 March 2014

samambaia and maria claudia

the shop: samambaia

location: 145b mcpherson st. bronte
contact: 02 9389 9125

the florist: maria claudia

number of years in floristry: 16

best thing about being a florist: being able to create; inspired by the forms and tones that nature brings. and the fact that they will be different every single time.

favourite flower combination: so many! i love flowering camellias with cymbidium orchids…but i also love hydrangeas and liguria leaves.

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: a private dinner at the art gallery of nsw. being able to add flowers next to amazing paintings and artworks was a treat.

you are inspired by: nature.

you are passionate about: loving, giving, making people happy.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

tracey and her studio

the studio: tracey deep floral sculptures

location: studio G01 59 great buckingham st. redfern
contact: 02 8318 1177

the florist/sculptor: tracey

number of years in floristry/sculpture: decades!

best thing about being a florist/sculptor: working with organic material. the surprises that come with creativity; you're constantly learning new things and being inspired.

favourite flower combination: i love contrast, shapes, textures. im loving layering textures with splashes of bold sculptural colour.

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers/sculptures for: too many to choose from. a couple of standouts- creating a sculpture gallery of works for the mission impossible movie; and an international commercial shoot outdoors during low tide in the rock pools of kiama.

you are inspired by: creating living, ephemeral sculptures. nature- its whimsical, playful, natural beauty. i find shadows in nature inspiring. i love the changing light.

you are passionate about: creating new sculpture pieces. they inspire me- food for the soul.
























Wednesday, 16 October 2013

flowers by teresa and teresa

the shop: flowers by teresa

location: 402 illawarra road, marrickville
contact: 02 9559 3369

the florist: teresa

number of years in floristry: 15

best thing about being a florist: the first glimpse of something coming into season and the mad dash to get your hands on it first.

favourite flower combination: our signature style is vintage, vintage, vintage......the shop breaths vintage and the girls do it with their eyes closed. my favourite flower combination would have to be gardenias, field roses and hydrangea.

most memorable event/occasion you have done flowers for: breakfast for a fashion magazine at bennelong. it was just a perfect time of the year! we used david austin roses of various colours, hydrangea, love lies, peonies, camellia flowers, giant pears, lemons and the list goes on...all the styling was left up to us- a florist's dream. 

you are inspired by: travelling to source new products for the shop. my guru and fashion.

you are passionate about: my three dogs and Tango.

still lives in yellow and black

the abundant table

shelves of heavenly scents

spring's finest

parade of pinks

purple haze

soft and blushing

a beautiful view

classic whites


beauty, big and small

the wedding season starts now